Summers in Arizona can be excruciating. Summers in Arizona when you’re 8 months pregnant are downright torturous. Good thing both of my boys were born in August. (Did you sense the sarcasm in that statement?)

I didn’t have many ‘cravings’ during either of my pregnancies. Hell, maybe I did but I just didn’t realize it because my normal, everyday diet is made up of foods that other people ‘crave.’ The one thing I did find myself longing for though was coffee. I wanted it. I needed it. I’m pretty certain it’s because I was told I shouldn’t have it. It was during a desperate pregnant moment (in the middle of July) when I came up with this genius idea… Coffee, Pregnant Style.

In the form of ice cream… with chocolate donuts.

Now, I could have easily just sat on the couch with an Entenmenn’s in one hand and a pint of Starbuck’s Coffee Ice Cream in the other. But that would have been the lazy pregnant thing to do. And I’m no slouch. Instead, I opted to cut the donuts in half and artfully spoon some softened ice cream on to one side, then sandwich it with the other.

It was like they were staring me down. Challenging me to eat them. So, I did.