I’m slowly mastering the art of tricking my 3 year old (Finley) into eating things that are good for him with a little game I have dubbed “Tom Foodery.” The kid would seriously live on snacks if his title was The Boss. Unfortunately for him, it’s not.

Every single morning, without fail, he stumbles out of his room with crazy-ass bedhead, rubbing his eyes, rambling incoherently about snacks and dreams he had about popsicles and rainbows.

Let the Tom Foodery begin, my friends.

This recipe is one I stole from Tyler Florence, only slightly adapted, and renamed “breakfast pudding.” The kids think it’s pudding. Dad thinks it’s a smoothie. The leftovers become popsicles. Win. Win. Win.

Breakfast Pudding

makes 4 – 6 servings
1 avocado
2 cups fresh pineapple
2 bananas
1/2 cup plain whole milk yogurt

Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree to pudding consistency.

This needs to be eaten immediately. Thanks to the avocado it will not save unless you freeze it. Which I do. In popsicle molds.

Excellent for teething babies or preschoolers who expect a daily dose of frozen treats with their afternoon swim. Quadruple Win.