One of the perks of being in a creative industry is that a good majority of my friends are of the same mind. They’re constantly supplying me with inspiration for both food and non-food related projects, which is fantastic because I really don’t have any extra time to scour the world-wide-web in search of the next big thing. Have no fear, the Artsy Friends are here.

Recently, one of the designers I work with sent an email with the subject line, ‘You should make these. Only better.’ The picture was of some greasy hot dog chunks skewered with spaghetti noodles.

Challenge accepted.

Finley and I set out to kick those ‘puppies’ up a notch by mapping out an ‘Under the Sea’ themed lunch menu. (Admittedly, he did most of the work.)

The highlight of this meal was, hands-down, the Hot Dog Jellyfish. Super simple to make, and super fun to eat.

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