I was going through photos today, trying to archive some of the over 4,000 plus files that are bogging the ol’ computer down, and I came across this guy…

monster-cupcakesOld Blue was just one of three dozen monster cupcakes Finley and I made as a 1st Birthday gift for a close friend last year. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get many good pictures because it was really dark that day,  but he and his creepy little cronies where absolutely rawr-some!

There’s not really a recipe involved, other than make some kick-ass cupcakes, frost and decorate them with random candies to look like goobery monsters. For this guy in particular, we used blue airheads for horns, candy eyes for… well, eyes, and red M&M’s for his tongue.

That’s about it. Short & sweet today. He was just too cute to archive without sharing. 🙂