Not gonna lie. I look forward to holidays just so I can flex my crafty muscles on a fun project for the kids to share at school.

After 15 plus years of slavery to the process of project approval that is the Ad Industry, there’s something extremely gratifying about working on something creative that requires no one else’s input or approval (other than a three year old saying “Thanks, Mama. You’re the best.”)

Total mindless, creative free-for-all up in this hizzy. Fo shizzy.

This Valentine’s Day, we decided to get personal with our giving of candy in the name of love.

This project was so simple to put together, requiring only a camera or camera phone, card stock for printing, a small hole punch and some Valentine’s themed Dum-Dum lollipops.

If you’ve got photoshop skills, bonus. If you don’t, use themed stickers and/or paint pens to customize your message. Doesn’t get much cuter (or original) than this, folks…


Have-a-Sucker-Valentines-for-Kids Have-a-Sucker-Valentines-for-Kids-2OMFG. SO GOOD.